A children's playgroup for dads

Yes, that′s right. A playgroup for dads and their littl'uns. We meet on Monday and Friday mornings in Wimbledon, just around the corner from Wimbledon Park tube station. The playgroup is open most of the year, even during school holidays, because we find that′s actually when you need entertainment for your kids the most.

We′re just a group of men, who also happen to be dads looking after their children during the week. Some of us are full time; some have part time employment, and do the childcare on the other days; and some even work full time but with shift patterns that allow them to come to the playgroup with their kids.

Many of the fathers found other groups were heavily populated with women and felt they stood out like a sore thumb. Dads and Littl'uns is different. A space for dads to relax and chat whilst the kids play.


The Wimbledon Park group meets on Monday and Friday mornings between 10am and 12pm in Christ the King Church Hall on The Crescent. One of us starts the set-up of the group at around 9:40am so if you can help with the set-up, that's also appreciated. Although being in a church hall there is nothing religious about this group.

This is a chance for the kids to have some unstructured play whilst the dads chat & keep the littl' uns in a safe environment. There is no need to book and each session costs £4 which includes tea, coffee, juice and biscuits. There is a soft area for the littlest ones to roll and crawl in. If you do wish to contact us either send a message on Facebook or an email to wimbledon@dadsandlittluns.co.uk

Photos and videos of the group can be found on our Facebook photo page.


We are just aorund the corner from Wimbledon park station. You can find out more on our how to find us page.

A Brief History

Founded more than a decade ago by Erwin Toulemonde and David Tarpey, Dads and Littl'uns has been a great asset to fathers of young children in and around South London. Originally a get-together between some local dads, the group soon grew to become a source of support and encouragement for many fathers who were feeling out of place in more traditional playgroups. D&L offers those dads a space where their children can play whilst they discuss issues around parenthood that are pertinent to fathers; all while their children play and grow in a stable and secure environment with other children of the same age group.