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What we do

Dads and Littluns is about more than just childcare and strong coffee. As well as getting together in the hall and playing with the kids, we also like to do other stuff and get out and about a bit.

With the children

The outings with the kids are often organised in school holidays. Recent trips have been made to a fire station, Bocketts Farm, the London Wetland Centre and Dene City Farm

(kids day out photos)

Most years there′s a summer picnic, although not in 2011 as the weather was so foul. We also usually have a Christmas party for the children at the Wimbledon playgroup. In March 2013 Dads and Littluns will celebrate its 10th birthday. Hopefully we′ll arrange a party for current members, ex-members and their other halves ( and children! )

(party photos)

And just the dads

Dads who look after their children during the week are definitely growing in number, but we′re still a pretty rare breed, so we have to stick together. With this in mind we arrange group support sessions, physical therapy and away days for our members.

The support sessions take the form of regular monthly meetings, usually in a local pub. An opportunity to talk nonsense/ conduct a philosophical discussion about subjects other than childcare. Arranged by group email every month.

Physical therapy is provided for the Wimbledon dads every Tuesday evening with 5-a-side football at Goals Wimbledon. Have a chat to Paul at playgroup for more info.

Our most recent activity was a 2 day cycling trip to Canterbury but we have also made trips to Go Ape activity centre. and a rain-soaked hike in the Surrey countryside.

(dads day out photos)